Thursday, August 20, 2009


孙子: that is a bus in number 82!
爷爷: ya, u r right!
爷爷: here come another bus, what number is that, Philips?
孙子: 8, 8.
爷爷: ya, correct! it's eighty eight!
孙子: look! that's 82 again
爷爷: yeah, well done Philips! well done..

爸爸: yeah! we are going to... hmm..hmm..(哼歌)
女儿: bla bla bla... (听不懂说什么)
爸爸: bla bla bla...
爸爸: we are about to arrive my dear, are u ready?!
女儿: ya!
爸爸: come on, let's go!

妈妈问,Andrew, what do u want to drink?
小孩说,can i have a j20 please.
我说,we have j20 for orange & passion fruit and apple mango. which one do u prefer?
小孩很认真地想一想,然后回答,orange & passion fruit please, thank you!

小孩说,can i have a bowl please.
我说,oh, here you go.
小孩说,thank you!

chinese lady! chinese lady! how to say car in chinese? flower?...
do you know *** in sign language? let me show u..


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